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We understand the time restraints place on schools business managers due to the nature of their work, we also understand that most markets are saturated, making it time consuming to carry out a thorough expenditure evaluation. We will undertake this on our client behalf.


Cost Reduction

The financial saving we are able to deliver can be re-invested in other priorities like driving up educational standards in your school


Industry knowledge.


We have access to consultants in all areas of educational procurement and experts in cost reduction strategies whose knowledge and expertise we can call upon to deliver the best result for your institution. Our  search will include all current government approved frameworks contracts.




Our main goal is to deliver savings while maintaining or improving your current service levels, we therefore have no preferred supplier list. We appreciate that you might be happy with current suppliers and we always include the incumbent in all benchmarking process. It is also worth noting that familiarity with current suppliers can be an obstacle to securing the best price.  

We believe that our impartial approach and expertise will give us a stronger negotiating position with the incumbent.


Consistent financial reporting submission


With our help you can significantly improve the annual CFR report submission in comparison with other institutions of similar profile.